Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Will it be difficult to Roll Back Ultimate Control?

Yes, yes my friends, the vaccines are in the pipelines now.. They are headed toward us. Both Moderna and Pfizer have had successful clinical trials of their Covid 19 vaccines. It is only a matter of months before one or both or several other viable alternatives are headed to your nearest Canadian pharmacy .   ( I do not say this from any kind of position of authority on the matter....but rather simply from observing the published news media outlets....circa November 17, 2020)

What I wanted to chat briefly about today is not the vaccines. It is about what is going to happen once the vaccines have been rolled out. My question is this...and I'm going to try, no really I am, to not be snarky.

I want to know if the provincial and national leaders of my beloved country of Canada are going to be willing to easily let go of the "ultimate control" that has been foisted upon them early in the pandemic. Needless to say, few Canadian citizens  cast their political ballots while thinking seriously about the possibility of a global pandemic.  Few of us spend time imagining what these sort of global crises can do to a civilized society such as the one I like to call home. 

I am sure that literally none of the premiers of every  Canadian province ever expected to be put into a position where they had to choose whether to allow their constituents to go to work or school, or both or none or one or the other. I don't think any Canadian politician has ever anticipated needing the kind of character and discipline  that is required to tactfully and wisely handle such "ultimate power" over every day Canadian life.

But alas, life is full of unexpected twists and turns. The politicians have risen to the occasion and done what they feel is right in exercising their power over our every day life choices. As frustrating as it has been to have a politician have control over my activities, I must admit that the Canadian politicians have tried to do their personal best. Some have, in my humble opinion, have overstepped and used a heavy hand in measuring out their "pandemic related authority".

But my request is this. May I be really blunt? Tactless too? 

This is my request. I would like to politely ask ALL of my local and national politicians to begin to plan NOW how they will handle the ROLLING BACK of this "ultimate power". It will surely take some getting used to, for politicians to simply show up to their desk jobs and push pencils, when they have for at least a year, been given the power to destroy or protect lives and livelihoods.              Will Canadian politics ever be the same?

So I will ask again. Dear Canadian Politicians, once the vaccines are approved in full and rolled out into the Canadian masses, are you ready, mentally and emotionally and spiritually to step back and allow us to run our own lives again? Can you handle the "lunch bag  let down" of not having to make life altering decisions on a daily or weekly basis? Will you respectfully step down from controlling virtually every aspect of our beloved Canadian lifestyle and allow us to carve out our own destinies again???

I pray. I pray and ask and request that you will willingly lay down the rod of authority once the vaccines are rolled out. I know that it will be difficult, when the news media has been worshipping the air you breathe since March of 2020, that to go back to cutting ribbons, signing building permits, and planning golf fundraisers will feel like  a huge ego punch. But you must let it go. The time is soon arriving. Please prepare. Prepare to let go.

We have allowed you to run your race, to get this pandemic into alignment, so it will behave itself and Canadians can survive. We are almost there. We are almost to the finish line.

Now it is time to plan. Time to plan to let go. I know you can do this. I know you can..