Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wild Mushrooms an Autumn Stroll

An autumn stroll in a quiet damp forest....bears an abundance of mushrooms and mysterious fungi.... Can you identify any of them?

like little coins collecting along the side of this small tree trunk...the mushroom patrol is hard at work.....

methinks this one should have asked for written permission to take up so much space on this lovely tree trunk. Such boldness from a natural specimen is quite unusual don't you think?

the earthy dampness....the fallen logs that begin their melting journey to become one with the earth once again. Ahh....the scent of this forest is so rich. 
It is amazing to me that a forest can have such differing territories all within one forest. Some areas had green low to the ground ground cover. Other areas had spongey floors with little to no greenery on the ground. Perhaps it had something to do with the type of trees that were the canopy. I spotted some oaks, as well as some large cedars. Didn't really identify the many others yet....
These small muchrooms gave off a poof of grey black "smoke" when I touched them.  That was rather foolish of me to even touch them, considering they might be dangerous and poisonous. All the experts advise us mere humans to avoid touching mushrooms that we can not identify properly.

Last but not least, there was this epic "blob" which seemed to be similar to what some foragers call "chaga". However, I am really new to the whole
mushroom/fungi I really don't have a clue what it is? Do you know...? Can you tell by looking at it? Or would you have to see it close up? The texture of this blob-like fungus was spongy and dark in it's interior.