Friday, September 11, 2020

Things Getting Messy?

There's a verse I like to think of every once in a comes from the book of proverbs chapter 14:4.
"Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox." (kjv)

Basically the verse expresses what I discovered to be true in real that ...when you are trying to create something a pioneer...things can get messy. Real creative work rarely occurs in a spotless pristine picture perfect office space. It occurs when creativity is allowed to burn brightly amid the joy of making something. Just like a smelly live ox...(I doubt his stall is picture perfect)...and i wouldn't want to be near whatever is on the floor of his stall. But the ox has a place. The strong ox has a purpose. His strength can accomplish much. And so now also, you may be tired of doing your work in your pajamas and holding zoom calls why your kids are playing with the cat in the background. But if you can stick it out and bear with the mess, the unscripted, the unpredictable and these chaotic times, you just might wind up with something strong, something that pays...that will sustain you and your family as time moves forward. Time always moves forward. Believe in God yes, but believe in yourself too.

The verse mentions an ox. I'm assuming we all know that owning an ox would create quite a bit of "natural" "special odors" as well as a trail of  waste throughout it's daily activities. But few of us have ever had the experience of seeing what an ox can accomplish on an old fashioned farm. An ox was the strength of the farmer. It would pull the plow to create the deep furrows in the ground so the farmer could grow new crops. When a boulder needed to be moved from one location to another, a strong ox would haul it out of the way. When the grain needed to be ground into flour, the ox's strength operated the stone mill. His strength created the harvest. The owner owned the ox. But the physical strength of the ox was even greater than the physical strength of the farmer. The owner reaped the real harvest from the strength of his ox.

When we are trying to build something in business or the investment world, we are trying to create something that is bigger than ourselves ....that will sustain us over the long term. We are trying to create something that has staying power and a positive "brute" force for good and prosperity.

So, if you are working from home right now, because you can't get into the office because of the pandemic .....don't despair because of the mess right now.
  Keep your eye on the harvest that will be yours!
 It is not the time to lament the fact that the lines between home and workplace have become blurred. It is not the time to get discouraged over the small inconveniences of 'pandemic' preparedness. It is not time to lament the mask wearing or the hand washing.

But it still is a perfect time to build something. It is a perfect time to keep building what you started building years ago. I am not talking about physical buildings...I am talking about building something that will generate income for you and your future generations. I am talking about
continuing to believe in your own creativity...the content of your life.

Keep meeting clients....zoom meetings or phone calls etc...are not the same as in person, but at least it's something that is keeping you moving forward toward your goal. The order will return to life, as the world rights itself from this pandemic. Things are in flux. It can be messy. But sometimes a bit of mess is the best nesting place for awesome creativity.

 In midst of a global mess,