Saturday, June 27, 2020

Let's Not Oversimplify the Answers to the Virus

I watch a lot of news....ok ok....maybe a little bit too much news😝. But sometimes having a bead on the news of the week gives you a unique window into where people's minds are at. ( I should add that the liberal biased media doesn't necessarily reflect the common citizen....but that's another rant for another day...)

I wanted to talk today briefly about what i see as a rather childish reaction to the virus. 
The notion that just one simple answer is going to "stop or kill the virus" is a bit naive in my humble opinion.

I see politicians and all manner of "experts" and laymen saying loudly and with "great authority" that 
if we all "just wore masks" then we would be back in Neverland. Yes, wearing a mask does appear to slow the spread....but a mask in and of itself is not going to kill anything.

I see a lot of puffed up people looking down on folks who strut through town without a mask if wearing a mask is the new great Messiah. Please children, can we think a little more comprehensively than that?

There is a lot that a person can do to "fight" the virus or as I would prefer to say... "prevent illness".

Number one, we can take care of our own health by eating healthy and consuming what is my own "personal magical " potion (lol) namely....tons of raw juices and yes, my ole fave ....raw garlic.

I also want to personally say that those who are defiant to the virus in their words and lifestyle may have something good going for them. They have a defiant attitude towards sickness. They believe in their own life and that they are not going to get sick no matter what. Who are you to disagree with a person's bold faith in their own strength and life?

Now you could say, that those defiant folks are living in denial....and you might be right. But there is a LOT to be said for people who are confident in their own life force and their ability to fight disease. The mind is a VERY POWERFUL instrument in the fight for good health. You can say all you want about petri dishes and lab grown antibiotics, but good common sense supports the notion that those who love life and enjoy life to the fullest don't usually get as sick as those who hide under a rock and wait for science to rescue them.

Oh, and just so that I don't sound too much like a self help paperback....let me say for the record, that there is a God in heaven who is very much alive and able to preserve and restore life. Those who seek God usually find Him and His assistance. Secular scientists can roll their eyes now...I'm not asking for your approval.

If you are a scientist, don't'll still keep your funding, and I might just read one of your text books or soak up one of your M.I.T videos, but I will always retain my own filters and maintain that wonderfully mystical process by which christians always wind up holding onto their faith in God, in Jesus and His love for us.

We are not alone. We are not stuck. Mankind, with God's help will find our way through this. I pray that those "therapies" and "preventative" measures which don't fit into the popular medical journals will also come to light as the powerful potions that they are.

For a long time, the fields of science in North America turned their noses down on people of faith, even though it was the Christian churches that founded the biggest Ivy League schools in  the world. If we can get over our own pomp and circumstance, we just might discover that the worlds of faith, the Bible and science are perfectly good friends and can cooperate to accomplish what will become a blessing to mankind for generations to come.

Peace, my friends, stay you...and and stay well.