Friday, October 4, 2019

What the Church Does Right and What It Wrecks

i have had the privilege as well as the challenge of being in churches throughout much of my life.

Therefore, my perspective includes the beauty, the grace, the courage , the power and the intelligence that comes from being a part of a christian church. I am always grateful for being introduced to the study of the holy bible from a very very young age. My childhood was filled with adults who took  the time to read the holy bible aloud to our family on a regular basis..

So what are the challenges that growing up in a "churchy" lifestyle bring? How could something so beautiful and gracious bring any challenges at all?

Well, for today I am just going to keep it short. I will list simply 5 reasons that a religious background can sometimes bring struggles that others from different backgrounds do not struggle with.

1/ A sense that it is not "right" to be ambitious or pursue your own self created goals. Religious mindsets often preach the idea that followers of God must allow God to form their future, and therefore seem to send a message to their young followers that they are not "permitted" to make their own list of personal life goals. The message seems to label being goal oriented as selfish or self centered.

2/ A sense that women are not encouraged to be "all that they can be"....but must simply become mothers of children and dress modestly. Some religious circles strongly frown on any sign of a "freedom loving" female agenda. Such religious groups refuse to spend money on educating the women in their congregation, and show an outright preference to sending the young men to higher educational places, but not the women.

3/ Some church communities frown on the use of certain medications. They seem to have the attitude that it shows a "lack of faith" to submit to the use of prescription medications suggested by "secular" doctors. This attitude has very dire results in some church communities, as those who are trying to please that church's leadership may wind up depriving their loved ones of lifesaving medications.

4/ Time gobbling.. There is no other way to describe some church community cultures. I have seen some Christian leaders apply extreme emotional pressure to their congregation until they feel obligated to spend many days of the week attending church meetings and other religious activities. These leaders refuse to acknowledge that when church attendance is so extreme, that other obligations in a normal family can go unattended, such as work duties, wealth building, education (both self led and formal) as well as regular housework. Such pastors are hungry for absolute control over their congregation and they perpetuate their control by having access to the presence and ears of their church members for as many days of each week as possible.This perpetuates a church culture in which the church members are chronically under-educated and mentally dull.
I believe that this deeply grieves God's Spirit, who rejoices when we embrace our own intellectual potential.

5/ A Disrespect for money. There has been much written on this subject. So I will keep it really short.
Some church leaders have no business experience and often limited formal education. Therefore, their personal understanding of finance, in both the personal and commercial realms, is extremely limited. Therefore, these pastors preach from a perspective of financial immaturity. If a pastor does not understand how money works, and does not respect the time and effort it takes to create wealth and maintain wealth;  the church members will discover that this pastor will not empower them to prosper. His or her messages will be filled with naivete and even a chronic disrespect for those who are rich. These type of church leaders often lift up those who live on little money as "more pious and spiritual" than those who are setting their sights on creating or maintaining wealth.
Ironically, it is often these very same immature pastors who are the first to walk up to a rich church member and apply extreme persuasion to try to apply guilt and manipulation to try to convince or force the rich church members to donate much of their wealth to that very same church.

Well, that's all for now folks. Sorry to write negative things. But some of these things still need to be understood.

If you choose to attend Christian churches, be blessed and do so with joy. However, be aware that you should never completely lower your guard, no matter where you worship. Do not let anyone, or any organization steal your time or your money, or your health. Make your own decisions with prayer and your own common sense. Don't be inordinately vulnerable to pastors and preachers....and always hold their advice up to the sniff test. If it don't smell right....toss it out.

In Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, October 3, 2019

"Inside Bill's Brain"...that new Netflix doc

So I've been watching bits and blurbs of that new Netflix Documentary entitled
" Inside Bill's Brain" which is a biographical piece about Bill Gates.

One of the things which strikes me most, is how I am reminded once again, just how important to Bill his desire to spend time alone reading. He speaks of it more than once in this new documentary.

That same desire to read and think.....preferably while something shared by
many great minds of our day. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and other motivational speakers like
Robert Kiyosaki, speak at length, about how important it is to their own personal and professional/business growth to keep sourcing, and hunting down and devouring books.

It is much more than just a simple "success habit"....
It is much more than just another way to "expand one's mind".

Those who really want to make a difference with their lives are often somewhat obsessed with finding quality reading materials, whether that be books or quality magazines or newsletters pr blogs.

Where you get your information from is so very crucial. What you mentally consume, forms and influences your outlook on life......
What you read will fill you with hope, or with despair. It is your choice. Choose carefully..

What you read fills the void. Hunt down quality mental meat with which to fill your mental void.

Don't accept supermarket tabloids and scammy hastily written blogs. Don't fall for click bait.

Pray and hunt continuously for quality information from trustworthy sources. It may take years to develop the networks you need to be able to sniff out good advice and reliable reading materials. Covet them more than gold.


Monday, September 30, 2019

Shoe Shoutout

Perhaps this is not the right format to do  a rave about a particular brand of shoes...but since y'all have suffered with my random and very broad range of interests over the years, I will indulge the idea for today.

Today I finally found a good picture of what I would say would be the highest quality "work" type shoes that I have ever worn.

Here is the link to the precise model/style

If you want to visit their main Canadian Home is the link for that...

Well, you might take a look at these "Women's PTC Oxford" and think....huh...not much style.
But it's not really the style that is of the essence here.
Once in a while, when you want to wear something reliable that isn't going to fail you when you kick a can down the sidewalk, you gotta know that these shoes will do the work.

They are also "oil and slip resistant" as well as "non-marking".

My experience has been in agreement with these statements. I have even worn them in snowy weather and not slipped. They were still warm and comfortable. They are solid and durable. Would I wear them with a But sometimes, when a gal needs to get something done without wearing bling or glamour, it is nice to have a pair of shoes that you can trust. Thank you Keen!

Well, I thought I would get really poetic and go on and on about the benefits of these shoes....but I am going to keep it simple....just really simple. These shoes are fabulous. They are warm....and they last a long time, which more than compensates for their higher price tag. I feel safe in these shoes and I know my feet will be comfortable and protected from whatever I happen to walk through.

Peace friends.....spend well.