Friday, March 29, 2019

A Favourite Hideout

Do you know what an "Osmow's " is?

It's one of my hideouts. Great belly busting food prepared on the spot....totally filling and

As I observe the similarities that humans have with one another...I notice that most of us are creatures of habit. We gravitate to the places and people that make us feel good and meet a basic need. That need might be food, but it can also be less obvious a basic good vibe.

If I feel comfortable in a restaurant, it is not necessary to even speak to me at all throughout my stay. I can stay completely silent and even pay my bill in silence and walk away gently feeling completely fulfilled and rested.

Perhaps that is the sign of being an introvert, but alas I am not always an introvert. But much of the time I am. I thrive on quietness and stillness and abundance of time spent thinking and processing. I don't need a lot of entertainment. Life in all it's glory is entertaining enough.

Do you have a favorite hideout? A place that gives you good vibes and lets you put your guard down?

In peaceful contemplation,