Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Flood hit my Province Hard

A seemingly innocent season of gentle rains pummelled my small town with a deluge of water that it just simply didn't know what to do with.......

A gentle wee park located in the north end of the city was so inundated with the storm water that the trees  that were obviously planted by the city were up to their ankles in sun warmed rain water for weeks....

My daughter and I took the plunge to peel our socksoff and see what it would be like to wade up to the chins ...and to our delight and surprise, discovered that the sunshine had baked the temp in to "dish water warmth"..

Nope, no fish swimming yet through the sculpted grass filled pond, but a unique pleasure for us who usually see such drier summers. The foliage and forests are overgrown and sprawling with glee up  across and over every fence that isn't monitored or weekly manicured by it's careful owners. Weeds have grown amuck! What a hoot!

There's something so lush and rich about living in a damp dewy foresty town. It's as if the howler monkeys are just waiting to come visit us and quite possibly make our suburbs their permanent home.
Perhaps wishful thinking on my part....buy hey....a girl can dream.

Enjoy the pics below of our city trees swimming for weeks in a wee public park.