Sunday, June 25, 2017

I Lost 4% of my Body Weight

Yes, yes, tis  true... I lost 4% of my body weight and today is June25th 2017 and I began my "weight loss " efforts in earnest in April 2017.

Curious about how? Well, you must permit me to blurt out some of the unusual things that have helped me. They may not work for you......but perhaps the reading will entertain you none the here goes:

What helped me lose 4% of my body weight are the following activities:

  • Attending church services
  • Attending prayer meetings
  • Consistent caffeine intake via coffee or teas....without sugar added.
  • Probiotic yoghurt packed in 100 calorie plastic pods such as ACTIVIA.
  • daily weigh- ins on a digital scale
  • Writing down the daily weigh ins.
  • Goal setting and rehearsing those goals aloud as often as possible. ( note that these goals cover many          facets of my life.....not just weight.)
  • Making sure I had some good protein regularly....such as fish, nuts, or yogurt or small amounts of cheese.
  • Scripture reading aloud almost every day.... from one chapter of Proverbs and one chapter of the New  testament bible books.
  • Positive attitude.....toward myself and and others and life in general as much as possible.
  • Occasional Container Eating....which means that I would segregate all my "appointed" foods for the       day into    one box or container in the fridge so that I could count and control the calories.
  • Counting calories...... I used to think that calorie counting would never work for me....but lo and behold, I  am learning a lot and now know some of the calorie estimates for many of my fave foods.
  • Occasional eating of one raw garlic clove...with lots of water to drown out the taste.
  • Occasional taking of Vitamin B complex supplements.
  • Eating simple common and modestly priced foods such as :   boiled corn on the cob, bananas, boiled eggs, sardines in a can, canned tuna,  canned mussels or  oysters  in oil, vanilla soy milk, skim milk, maple syrup.
  • Simple activities like occasionally pumping 5lb weight with one arm....while counting up to 20.
  • Simple activities like biking or walking

Sooooooo....that's all folks for today. Perhaps, if my weight loss continues as I hope it will, I  may write more. I want to mention gently to my friends......that, weight "stuff" is just one aspect of life.....and not a really huge part of it. But it is true that weight can affect other parts of our personal and public lives because it affects the way we dress, as well as our vulnerability to things like high blood pressure and diabetes. I want to live a long time, as God grants me the grace to do so. So if I can live that long long life, without having to tow around many extra heavy pounds on my excellent adventures, then I am going to give it my best shot.