Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What Do Smart Girls Read?

Simple enough question. So, if you are a smart gal, then I want to ask you politely....whatya reading?

Verna Oller ( the late Verna Oller left millions of stock market money for her fave causes) and she read the Wall Street Journal and Barrons.

Hetty of the richest women in America from the late 19th century  and according to her Wikipedia page ......I quote "At the age of two, Hetty was living with her grandfather, Gideon Howland. Because of his influence and that of her father, and possibly because her mother was constantly ill, she took to her father's side and was reading financial papers to him by the age of six."

So, the legendary Hetty Green started learning how to succeed in the predominantly male financial circles of her day by starting to read to her father some "financial papers" as early as age 6. How cool is that?

Starting early gave the young Hetty precious knowledge and confidence, to become comfortable with financial and business terminology and the ways of success.

What are some of your fave female mentors reading? What do they read daily, weekly or once in a blue moon?

Help me ask Barbara Corcoran what her fave reads are via Twitter   ....