Thursday, January 5, 2017

What does President Elect Donald Trump and Bernard Kelly have in Common?

There are some practices and/or daily habits that successful people have in common .....because
as Tony Robbins says "Success leaves clues".

So are you curious? Bernard Kelly, by the way, just in case you don't recognize the name is the gent who has spent all of his working life working for McDonalds and amassed a fortune and wrote the book
entitled " Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions".

On page 64 of the above named book, Kelly describes a daily success habit
"Every day I read the financial pages of at least one major newspaper".

I have read and/or skimmed through a couple of books that Donald Trump has written and I apologize for not knowing which precise book/paragraph to quote, but I recall specifically enjoying reading about how
President Elect Donald Trump actually has made a determined point of reading major newspapers on a daily basis, and if my memory serves, i believe he was referring to consuming up to 10 major newspapers on a daily basis.

Why do i like writing about this? Because Tony was right. Success does leave clues. What works for
President Elect Donald Trump and Bernard Kelly will work for you.

And yes, you may have to stand alone. I am the only woman I know who goes out of her way to find and read a current copy of the GlobeN Mail. Which section do i gravitate to? The business section.
Why? Because, again it must be said that "Success leaves clues" and to quote an another oldy but goody
"Knowledge is power". If you make it a habit to seek out accurate and current knowledge you will see that you become more empowered to succeed.

What we read is CRUCIAL in determining what we become and what we will possess. 

Peacefully productive,

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Those Extreme Cheapskates like Victoria Hunt have Missed an Opportunity

It's been several years now since TLC first featured that now infamous
series called "Extreme Cheapskates".

I must admit, my dutch inclinations were quite intrigued by some of the shows.

However, I just wanted to make one clear comment. TLC has made tons of money ( in my opinion) from airing and re-running the most infamous episodes of these series. But where are the guests that made the show now? Have any of them figured out how to capitalize on their new found fame?

I've done several on line searches to see if any of them have published anything after they were featured on TLC and only two of them are easily searchable and have creatively profited from the time they spent on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates....and those two names would be Jeff Yeager 
who has written books and continues to offer his advice at a profit with his own youtube channel


And The other one is a feisty clever red headed gal by the name of Aimee Elizabeth
( )

Aimee has capitalized on her fame and if you see her website above, you can see that her book
 "Poverty Sucks" is still for sale.

Aimee and Jeff both exemplify entrepreneurial "chutzpah" and have not relied on their "cheapskate" ways to simply lower their living costs. They have profitably marketed and sold their thrifty expertise to earn even more income ! My hat's off to both of you.

If most of the other guests who appeared on TLC's Extreme cheapskates realized how easy it would have been to make money off their new found fame, they would have been delighted with the extra sources of income.  For example, there was one millionaire cheapskate by the name of Victoria Hunt whose extreme thriftiness both intrigued and disgusted viewers. However, I would like to say that Victoria Hunt is missing out by not writing a simple e-book featuring her money saving methods. It doesn't cost anything to publish an e-book with Kindle other than your time. Book royalties are a prime method to create new passive income streams from new fame.
What is your opinion? Would you buy a book or go out of your way to find a book written by one of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates?
You probably know my answer, because I've already read both Jeff Yeager's book as well as Aimee Elizabeth's book.
Fame can be brief. One needs to know when an opportunity presents itself and ca-ching....
cash in on the opportunity!

Peacefully productive.

What's Your Side Hustle?

If we can resist the temptation of "babysitting" our jobs and resist that false "employee" mindset which wrongly assumes that all our eggs must be in our "one and only full time job" basket, we can have a LOT of fun and some good coin along the way.

So What am I talking about? These little things we can do outside of our working hours which can bring in extra money along the way.
Some ideas are:

1/ Become a pro at Scavenging and Reselling curbside "freebies". It never ceases to amaze me what folks set out on the curb to give away free for the taking just because they lack the time or motivation to sell or dispose of these items themselves. Sometimes folks wrongly assume that something is read for the landfill, when really all that is required to be able to re-sell it at a profit is a good cleaning and./or some minor repairs.
Note which stores in your town/city will pay you cash for good quality second hand and/or refurbished items.

2/ Are ya Crafty? Like to putter around in your wee work shop and make birdhouses? Or knit sweaters? or make homemade jam?
You'd be surprised how delighted folks are to pay top dollar for home made "local artisan" crafty items.
You can post them on free websites like Kijiji or Craigslist, or sniff out the best "popup" shops or              flea markets that may be willing to sell your items for you for a modest cut of the proceeds.
If you are working full time, you may not be able to spend time setting up tables to sell your home made goods at farmer's markets, etc....but you may be able to sell them through friends and/or neighbors that have noticed your beautiful home made crafts. Some folks display their home made wood crafts on their own front lawns to sell only in the summer months when they have time to chat up and serve local and/or touristy customers.

3/ Cutting grass. Some folks start doing this as a favor for a sick neighbor....but it eventually can turn into something that can bring in a nice bit of extra income, without you even having to leave your own neighborhood. Elderly residents are often greatly relieved to find a local person to take over that pesky duty of cutting the grass every week in the warmer seasons of the year.
Tip: use the homeowner's own lawn mower and they will be required to keep  it gassed up or plugged into their own electricity supply, thus eliminating the need for any start up costs for your side hustle altogether.

Well, that's all for now. You didn't think i was going to give away all my best ideas in one breath did ya ?

Peaceful productivity,