Friday, July 4, 2014

The Gluten Free Mine Field

Classified as "gluen intolerant" is what I have been told.
So I'm not an official "Celiac".....just ups and downs with symptomatic reactions to what I eat.

I'm grateful that this gives me a less intense pursuit of the gluten free lifestyle than those who
have been diagnosed with the real deal "Celiac".I've been told that real Celiacs can even get cancer from cheating on their gluten free diet....
Is that true? My heart goes out to you. It's hard enough finding gluten free food, let alone having medical pressure "forcing" one to find such gluten free items.

Anyway, so i Do try almost all the time to eat a gluten free "diet".......I don't really like that word
"Diet" as it sounds so controlling....and I'm not that kind of gal.

But I have found such a huge difference in my state of health when I eat exclusively gluten free items that it makes it worth the effort to hunt down, find, and pay for those gluten free items.

The ultimate score is when I can find something officially gluten free to eat that isn't priced high.
I have no idea why so many gluten free items are sooooo overrpriced. They aren't made from gold and so many gluten free products are made from rice...which is very low I just don't comprehend this issue.

Walmart has been the cheapest place I have found so far to buy gluten free groceries. Thank you Walmart!

Have you had any luck lately in providing yourself or a family member with a gluten free lifestyle?

Looking forward to your comments.