Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gluten Free Pasta

Yup, I have been trying to stay gluten free, but it really is hard sometimes when
gluten free items just don't do the trick.
Take pasta for example, I find that rice pasta doesn't cook up very nicely and isn't filling.

However, I did discover a wonderful little corn pasta from the Bulk Barn by the name of
"Prairie Harvest" San Zenone Fusilli. It comes in 340 gram bags of organic corn pasta. If my memory serves correctly....the price was about $3.69 per bag cdn.

This is the literally the first gluten free pasta that actually cooked up normally and tasted filling and
I could see myself using it for a pasta salad or to throw in some minestrone soup.

For all you out there who are struggling with a gluten free lifestyle, hang in there, occasionally you will find something that makes life easier. God bless.
sister Carla