Friday, September 28, 2012

Which Staples Carry you through?

After reading a book by newbie millionaire Alan Corey entitled "A million bucks by 30"
I found it interesting to read about the specific food staples that the author relied upon when he had decided to radically reduce his cost of living. According to Alan's own recollection he lived virtually on about $2 per day for food costs which appeared to included the following basics:

  • day old bagels bought at half price 
  • industrial peanut butter( what is that?)
  • oatmeal with milk and raisins
  • ramen noodles
  • water.

I'm not sure what other items he consumed to supplement that rather simple diet, but he did succeed in radically cutting down his grocery and restaurant bill. It was his drastic discipline that allowed him to take calculated risks in entering the real estate market . He kept his goal clear and concise, namely to be able to own at least $1 million in assets by the age of 30.  And yes, little quirky Alan Corey accomplished his goal.

I know I repeat this often, but what precisely are your goals? Have you written them or it down? Maybe it is just one simple goal. Maybe it is a goal that you have made with regard to your children's education. Maybe you have made a goal that you want to accomplish spiritually with regard to helping and blessing others.
I have read repeatedly that  a human being is infinitely more likely to accomplish a set goal only if they have written down that goal on paper.

Feel most welcome and invited to share your thoughts about this process in the comment section. I treasure your time and appreciate your input.
Peace, Carla.